Multiple Sizes for Multiple Uses

Versatile Use

serving a wide range of applications, ensuring secure containment and elimination

Airtight and Impermeable


Airtight, impermeable, drop-proof, and safe for direct transport to an autoclave

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University Testing

Read how Safe-Decon is measuring up in actual University Lab Trials.

Increased Elimination Efectiveness

Improved Safety

Essential for safely containing and sterilizing biohazard waste, promoting lab safety and sustainability

Self-Sealing Load Probe Port


Safe-Decon's patented load probe ensures temperature control, guaranteeing complete pathogen eradication

Compact and User Friendly

Lab Use

Compact, user-friendly, contains, controls and eliminates biohazardous materials.

Substantial Time Savings


Cuts autoclave run cycles from 4-8 hours to as little as 1 hour

A variety of applications

Research Laboratories, Hospitals, Veterinary & more.

Safe-Decon's patented technology is applicable in all environments that have the need to eliminate viruses, pathogens and spores.

Addresses CDC Directive : 9 CFR 121 - 12(a)(3)
3 BioPro Sizes for a Variety of Applications
Effective on Viruses, Pathogens and Spores
A Revolution in Autoclave Decontamination

Safe-Decon Bio Pro Solves Traditional Problems

Safe-Decon recognizes the substantial likelihood that the existing processes do not adequately decontaminate waste. This realization spurred the need for a safer and more effective solution.


Safe-Decon Containers are Airtight and Impermeable and made of Impact Resistant Material

Improved Safety

Increased elimination effectiveness while limiting leak exposure risk

Content Temperature Control

Self-Sealing Load probe port ensures more effective kill rate.

Departure Defective

Saves time with 1 hour cycles, leading to substantial energy and financial cost savings.

What Is New At Safe-Decon