About Us

Our Founder Bob Dudley has made it Safe-Decon’s mission to ensure the safety of patients and staff by minimizing exposure to dangerous viruses, pathogens, and spores.

Bob Dudley is a biomedical engineer with a specialization in Sterilization and Decontamination. The origins of Safe-Decon trace back to Bob's transition from Hospitals and Surgery centers to Research Institutions BSL Labs. During a repair job on an autoclave, Bob accidentally encountered a pathogen and spores related to the lab research. Subsequent medical examinations and testing prompted him to delve deeper into the sterilization process, revealing inherent flaws and issues.

Conducting a series of tests across various facilities, examining processes and autoclave cycles, Bob reached a significant conclusion: there was a substantial likelihood that the existing process did not adequately decontaminate waste. This realization spurred the need for a safer and more effective solution. Bob conceived the idea of an impermeable, airtight, drop-proof containment system that would only open once inside the autoclave and after the cycle had commenced.

He went on to design and create three prototypes for testing, subjecting them to weeks of autoclave runs and simulated loads. The outcome exceeded his expectations, reducing autoclave processing times by two-thirds and improving the safety of handling and transportation. Following successful product development, multiple facilities conducted independent testing, and a collaboration with the University of Florida extended over three years, involving the containers in their labs.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, Bob and his team examined how hospitals and medical facilities processed and handled waste, linens, and scrubs. Collaborating with several hospitals, they developed a process aimed at enhancing the safety of patients and staff.

Driven by his experiences in hospitals and research facilities, Bob has made a steadfast commitment to Safe-Decon and its mission.