Safe-Decon Independent Study

Safe-Decon Indepedent Study

During the development of the Safe-Decon Bio Pro units, we invited multiple top tier institutions across the country to test the system in a wide range of applications and environments. Over the course of several months, The New York Department of Health, Albany Medical Center, and the University of Florida put our units through rigorous testing using different types of infectious waste ranging from viral contagions such as Covid-19 to resistant bacterial spores. 


In order to confirm the integrity of these findings, these studies were done independent of our involvement. Each institution applied their own methodologies and equipment, introducing variables to the system that tested its robustness. The variety of applications allowed us to gather data on the versatility of the Bio Pro unit and verify the system’s effectiveness with a wide range of environments and users. Across the board, results were promising, with each institution confirming the effectiveness of the Bio Pro System.

To learn more, download the published report: